La Dispensa Di Simone

Letter of Presentations

The result of a passion

La Dispensa di Simone is the result of a passion blossomed for a land rich in perfumes, colours and history: the land of Andalucìa.

Simone, who was born and raised in Italy at the foot of the Brianza hills, during his life was struck by the city of Granada, from the horizon dominated by the Alhambra with its rich history and myths and, in the distance, from the snowy peaks of the Sierra Nevada.



A new experience

The aromas of herbs and aromatic essences breathed deeply around the majestic cathedral that dominates the city, inspired the desire to export the colours, flavours and aromas of the Andalucian lands.

Through "La Dispensa", Simone wants to spread the magic of this land, with the sale of a variety of Andalucìan specialities like teas, sauces and infusions.